Types Of Roofing Styles That Can Be Used In Residential Buildings

It is important note that roof type vary from location to location. The varying structure have been created to accommodate the needs of a structure they are covering. Some of the basic structure demands from roofs is to protect it from weather elements, overall  compatility with the house structure and accommodation of appliances like pipes. This article discusses various types of styles found in the market.

  • Gable roofs These are most simple roof style in the The gable design looks like an inverted down. They are not suited to windy areas
  • Hip roof These are most common styles found in residential homes. They are difficult to built because they have a sophisticated truss and rafter structure. A hip roofing style has four sloping sides with zero vertical roof lines. They can be both square and rectangular.
  • Grambrel roof This roof is most commonly used on barns. However, it is also used on residential homes. It provides a good amount of space in the attic. It is provides so much space that it is turned into bedrooms or bathrooms.
  • Dutch hip roof It is basically a hip roof with a small gable on either side. The gable can be used for ventilation
  • Shed roof It is a but with more pitch.

    It is used for additions in homes.

  • Butterfly roof It is not widely used. It provides plenty of light and ventilation but it not effective with water drainage.
  • A-Frame roof Very popular for homes, churches, cottages, and other structures. The roof acts as both the roof and walls of the structure.
  • Folded plate roof it has limited use in single family homes. it looks like gable roofs placed side by side of each other.
  • Bonnet roof They are also known as kicked-eaves. They are double sloped with the lower slope set at an angle. It is like reverse mansard. These roofs are mainly used in France and regions like Mississipi
  • Salt box roof Saltbox is a symmetrical in design. One side is more slightly sloping in flat and the other more lean to.
  • Sawtooth roof This is 2 or more  parallel pitched roofs in which the sloped and vertical surface alternate. The roof resembles a tooth of a saw.
  • Curved roof It is much like the skillion or shed roof but the planes are curved. It is very modern and provides a unique and creative roof design. The amount of curve can vary from slightly curved shape to an arch shape.
  • Pyramid roof It is a type of a hip roof.

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