How insurance brokers earn

Are you thinking of buying or selling insurance? Well, you may need an insurance broker if you are looking to buy or become one if planning on selling insurance.  

An insurance broker acts as a bridge between clients looking to acquire insurance and insurance companies. Instead of the client looking for a suitable insurance company, the brokers do it as that is their main role. The client gets to buy an insurance cover from insurance providers at a reasonable price. Insurance brokers may be independent contractors or employed by a particular brokerage firm.

Before looking at Insurance broker training online, let’s look at how insurance brokers earn a living.

How insurance brokers earn

Insurance brokers usually earn from commissions gained from selling insurance to clients. The commissions mostly range between 2% and 8% of the annual premiums, depending on state regulations. An insurance premium is an amount a client pays for an insurance cover. An insurance premium is what a client pays for policies covering life, healthcare, automobile, house, and many others.

Type of insurance brokers and their functions

Generally, there are two types of insurance brokers, namely retail and commercial, specializing in different types of policies and coverage. Retail insurance brokers are professional brokers who play the part of clients, offering policies that cover health, home, automobile, life, and travel. Additionally, they offer employer liability policies as well as both private and public liability. Professional brokers who deal with industries like gas, oil, aviation, and marine, offering more complex policies whose value is usually very high, are known as commercial insurance brokers. Commercial insurance policies cover issues such as failure of equipment and loss or damage of property, which may arise in these businesses.

 Insurance broker training online

Most eLearning institutes or websites design their training, such as Insurance broker training online, with the utmost attention and research. To help learners easily understand each lesson, all the topics are broken down into super easy modules to understand.

Below are some of the things you will learn:

  • Learning the necessary basic skills required to perform as a broker.
  • Being able to perform risk management in the workplace and on location.
  • Familiarizing yourself with the numerous types of insurance available in the market
  • Become familiar with the code of conduct and ethics required to work as a trustworthy insurance broker,
  • Find out how you can identify fraud cases when perpetrated.
  • Apprehend how to perform highly important processes like underwriting and claim handling.
  • Know the clauses and elements of an insurance contract.

Some of the requirements you will need to enroll for the online training include:

  • A passion for learning.
  • Internet and any smart device such as a phone or laptop.
  • The course is open for anyone willing to learn.

Benefits of Insurance broker training online

Some of the benefits of undergoing online training on insurance brokers involve:

  • Getting access to a credited certificate that you can easily download in any format from the website you take the training.
  • You can study at your own pace.
  • A throughout access to the course( some sites offer the course for 12months)  


Deciding on undergoing Insurance broker training online may earn you a high-paying profession in the industry. The course is also available for anyone interested; however, you might need a degree in insurance and risk management to become a qualified broker. 

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