Some Of The Features Any Private School Must Have

When it comes to finding your child the best private school, you want to be sure that the fees you are going to pay will actually go to a private school worth its salt. Private schools like McCarthy High School are loved by parents because of the attention their children are exposed to when learning due to their individualized attention policy. The schooling does not come cheap and it is understandable why anyone would first want to confirm the features are all in place. Looking at the school’s websites is just one of the ways to start off the search and once you shortlist the ones that interest you, a little bit of research, as well as a site visit before having your child admitted, will do you some good.

Below we have listed some features that we think are important for every private school to have:

•    A small class
One of the top reasons parents take their children to private school is because they are guaranteed their child will have more interaction with the teacher and this is because of the size of the class. The size of a private school class can range from 8 to 25 students as it depends on the kind of school you are looking at. If the school you are interested in doesn’t have a small class, then you are better off taking your child to a good government school than spend so much money on tuition.

•    Teachers who are highly qualified and experienced
A highly qualified teacher is one of the main features to look for in a private school. Having an educational background in teaching is not the same as specializing in the subject the teacher will be teaching. If you are searching through private schools, having a look at the faculty members and what their specialty is versus their education and background and experience will give you an idea of whether or not the private school is serious about its tuition.

The teacher should have a degree in the subject they are teaching which they preferably got honors for as well as a masters. Experience in the subject being taught will also go a long way to see to it that your child benefits when it comes to learning the subject. As private school teachers are mostly selected on merit, you can be assured that if a teacher has all the necessary qualifications and experience, your child is going to benefit.

•    Community
Community plays a big role when it comes to private schools. It is the main feature as the students are taught how to respect and appreciate each other. A sense of community sees to it that each and every student is able to identify with the school’s value which in turn builds in them a sense of belonging. A quality private school will see to it that the sense of community is felt by anyone who visits the school.

•    Sports programs that are extensive
You might be thinking that sports programs are activities that are run by every other school. A private school’s sports program is a crucial part of learning and it forms part of the curriculum. All students are expected to participate together with the faculty members.

When your child is in a good private school, they will be able to participate in sports activities that help to build on their character. Even if they did not join the school on a sports scholarship, or wasn’t particularly athletic in their previous schooling, they will find it easy to find an activity they can do with fellow schoolmates even if it is running.

•    Extracurricular activities that are part of the learning
When you are searching for a private school, another feature that you can’t afford to miss centers on extracurricular activities. Whether it is sports or an activity like hiking, private schools make sure that the students and teachers interact in other ways too. This not only builds trust between teachers and students, but it sees to it that the student learning is all-round and not focused on academic qualifications alone.

As you have read, the above features are really important when you want your child to receive a quality education that builds them up as someone the community will benefit having around once they are done with their schooling like Catholic Activities

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