With the development of technology, anyone with an internet connection and a computer, smartphone, or laptop can practice online English learning anywhere and anytime they want. It doesn’t matter if English is your second language or native language. What are the best ways to learn english ?

For native speakers, online English courses will boost their communication skills, especially in professional surroundings. This will allow them to develop in their careers by gaining new opportunities to work.

For individuals whose second language is English, online English learning will help them improve their conversational, composition, and grammar skills. This gives these people an opportunity to advance in their career goals.

Studying English without a partner might sound challenging. Therefore, you can use online English learning to boost your reading, speaking, writing, and listening skills. Some tips on how to improve in English include; 

Have labels around the house

English contains a bunch of grammar rules that might be difficult to remember, so there is a need to memorize them together with the vocabulary. Since learning is hard and boring, you can write them on notepads and stick them in the part of the house where you spend most of your time.

Start writing a blog.

Online blogging or writing an online journal can be a simple and free way to practice online English learning, and at the same time, you develop your skills in writing. You can start with small tasks like captions, and once you feel more comfortable, you can move on to more significant tasks like sentences and paragraphs. You can also proofread your work using spell check as a guide or as an English speaker.

Change the settings of your phone to English.

Everybody uses smartphones and other devices like computers, laptops, and tablets. Changing your settings to English as your default language will help you improve quickly in learning English.

Make reading blogs and articles your interest.

You can immensely improve online English learning if you are interested in reading. Making reading your passion will also help you improve your writing skills. Read something you are interested in and highlight new words you don’t know.

You can later use an online dictionary and check their definitions and use them when speaking to ensure you memorize them.

Write summaries

Podcasts and watching English videos are other ways to improve your English. You can later extend your learning by either writing or saying out loud a summary of what you have watched or heard.


Most online English learning courses take four to five months, but they widely differ. There are short courses that can even take hours and long periods that can take up to five months. They all have flexible schedules, and learners can complete their courses according to their pace.

Japanese as a second language can have its benefits?


Japan is located in East Asia, the Northwest of the Pacific Ocean. It is the third vastest economy on the planet. Ranging from their famous automobile industry to them being the leading nation in science and technology, all the way to tourism. 

With such a formidable reputation who wouldn’t want to learn their language skillsfuture japanese course.  

When we look at teaching ourselves to speak Japanese, one of its advantages we can choose to start with is the economic benefits. 

As mentioned above when it comes to vehicles, Japan is the leading exporter. One may choose to learn Japanese as a way to break the language barrier and avoid miscommunication while transactions occur. 

Another purpose of learning Japanese is for those who want to study in the country. Just like in any other region, all public schools teach in their national language.  

If you are interested in studying in Japan learning the language will go a very long way in understanding what is being taught in class as well as get along with your fellow students during group discussions and assignments. 

When it comes to the fun side of learning how to speak Japanese is that it builds a sense of pride within yourself knowing you can speak and read in a language that is not from your country. 

Also,  I will admit that I am a fan of Japanese Asian dramas as well as their anime cartoons and I can confirm that reading the subtitles and watching the shows can be annoying and at times hard to keep up. 

Knowing the language in such situations saves you time and lets you experience the message of the show without getting lost in the translation. 

An added advantage to memorizing the language is that it helps in broadening the mind in understanding different cultures other than your own.  

Research has shown that picking up another language aids in reducing the number of mental illnesses as your brain is being exercised. So why not pick up Japanese!   

Contrary to popular belief, Japanese is not that hard of a language to learn. The English language is considered one of the harder languages to master. If you are a self-taught student in Japanese best start with the hiragana alphabet and with regular practice you will find yourself a pro! 

Finally, if you are looking to travel to Japan knowing the language even at the beginners level can be extremely gratifying. The locals will appreciate the effort you have put in and will make your experience much more memorable.